Freight Brokerage  

If you are a Carrier and would like to join our growing team of operators, please contact us or click HERE for more information.
If you are a Shipper and are looking for a quote on a shipment, please contact us:
Omaha, Nebraska Office: 402-934-7537
Director of Freight 
Chad Needham: 402-981-3627
Samatha Rhone: 402-699-4388
Jordan Eggli:  308-233-7360
Mitchell Snyder:  402-641-8646
Robb Kiger:  402-480-3424
Kansas City Office: 913-851-7200
Drew Smith913-256-9687
Chris Condie (Vans): 913-485-5501
Bridgett Smith: 913-963-6889
Accounting: 402-934-7537